The beginning, idea behind and craft of vapor cigarette

Vapor cigarette, also e-cigarette, is a nicotine vapor instead of smoke-based cigarette. It is an electronic device that is battery or USB powered to simulates tobacco smoking. It was invented in the `60s but never really took off until a decade ago. In 2007 the e-cigarette hit the U.S market and since then we have seen over 250 brands of vapor cigarettes that are available in all kinds of flavors. Their designs do vary depending on the manufacturer, but most e-cigs typically include a cartridge, an atomizer, a battery and a charger. For someone who is seeing one for the first time, it may appear to look like a regular cigarette but on a closer inspection they can clearly make the distinction. Nevertheless, for many people electronic cigarettes still remains a mystery but its high time we unravel the digital vapor device and learn how it works, its use and some of its benefits. 

How does vapor smoking work?

howitworkMaking up the two most important components of the electronic cigarette is the battery and the cartridge. The battery is used to power the device and it can be recharged or replaced. Since vapor cigarettes are nicotine based, they do not have even the slightest trace of tobacco. Instead, the cartridge houses a liquid solution. This solution contains nicotine, water and other chemicals such as glycerin and propylene glycol. The liquid solution is absorbed by a polyester filling in the cartridge. The heating element known as the atomizer is used to vaporize the solution and a whiff of nicotine vapor is then produced. The cartridge also serves as the tip of the electronic cigarette where the smoker can puff. The solution contained in the cartridge comes in different flavoring and individual users can choose their preferred flavor and replace it every time the liquid nicotine runs out. 

Making use of the vapor cigarettes

The vapor cigarette is ideally just like a typical cigarette found in the convenience stores and supermarkets. It is therefore used for more or less the same reasons as the ordinary cigarette; to stimulate the body. The only thing that vapor cigarettes have done is that they have brought a whole new approach to the same old act in a better and safer way. Even though vapor smoking is seen as a lesser evil of the two, it has the same if not better effect. More smokers are now getting lured to vapor cigarette for one reason or the other, and even though it is not clear what their health benefits are, more people are still joining the band wagon. Some people will use them because they can smoke virtually anywhere, while other believe they can help them quit smoking. At the same time some people are skeptical and afraid to try them for many reasons; but to be honest, vapor cigarettes have more good to offer and its high-time they became the main thing. 

The hallmark of E-smoking

vaporcigarettesE-cigarettes have become so popular and widely used because they are a healthier option, cost effective and apparently offer a good approach to help quit smoking. Unlike the conventional tobacco cigarette, vapor cigarette can be used in public places. It feel like real cigarette, it sure-enough look like the real one but it does not produce smoke like the ordinary cigarette. This means that it is not a disturbance to the people surrounding you. Another benefit of vapor cigarette is that it does not have that distinctive odor. I am sure that most people are familiar with the scent from cigarette smoke. It gets into, and even clings to just about anything it comes into contact with; be it your hair, clothes or your car. This smell is to some point considered offensive and people may tend to avoid close contact. 

Saving cost and lives with Vapor Cigs

Vapor smoking is also much cheaper compared to traditional cigarettes. The smoking habit is quite hard to maintain, especially if you are too deep into it and you have to take a puff every now and then. By the end of the month you end up buying packets of cigarettes while for e-cigs, you only get to replace your liquid nicotine which lasts for a while. Vapor cigarettes are also much safer. By default, traditional cigarettes pose a serious fire hazard to the environment and to homes. It is not once, but countless times that you`ve heard that a certain fire was caused by a lit cigarette. And going by the statistics, these cases account for about 10% of all fire related deaths in the world. 

Though we cannot authoritatively claim that vapor cigarettes have no health concerns, we can comfortably say that their usage in some countries has seen a decrease in deaths related to cigarette smoking. When you put vapor cigarettes against traditional cigarettes, it is quite easy to point out that the latter puts you at a higher risk of a host of conditions that include many cancers.

What to look for when buying Vapor Cigarettes

With such a broad selection of vapor cigarettes out on the market today, it can be confusing and frustrating to know what you're looking for. The following are some things to consider when looking at vapor cigarettes:

  • Flavor: Perhaps the funnest thing to consider, don't feel shy to stray from the typical tobacco taste. There are a broad range of flavors, including vanilla, cherry, menthol, coconut and strawberry daiquiri. The possibilities are endless so you can change it up according to your mood.
  • Battery life: The most crucial thing in mind! Compare the battery life of e-cigs and note that you should be getting 240-300 puffs out of one cigarrette. Don't let low prices fool you; do the calculations.
  • Style: You want your vapor cigarette to be as discreet as possible, so look at various styles and colors to find the one that best suits you. If you have a high-end business job, you may want to opt for black, classier, and sleeker kinds.
  • Nicotine Strength: Now it's up to you to decide how much you want to take in. Though it may be an investment, having two separate sets of vapor cigarettes with two levels of nicotine will allow you to lower nicotine intake and save money by using those with high nicotine levels sparingly. If you're also keen on quitting your addiction, this will be a great step.
  • Smoke Volume: It's easy to get the pleasure of puffing out the smoke from your lips. Because not all products produce the same amount of smoke, take note and read reviews beforehand.

Listed above are the main factors that you should be considering when buying vapor cigarettes.